About Us

Ouzo is Greece. Is Greek fragrance and flavor, is a piece of our sky and sea and part of our memories, tradition and history. From the household welcome treats to the feasts and the spontaneous celebrations in cafes and those in the gardens in summer time, to more modern avant garde combinations and moments, it’s always been here with us.

Its history maybe lost in the centuries (it origin is unknown) but for the family Christopoulos is always present; not only as a part of their daily life but also as a part of the upbringing of the future generations.

Grandpa Christopoulos made the start when he opened the distillery in 1958 and today in his shoes is his grandson and namesake with the weight and freedom that half a century tradition, evolution and devotion have to offer.This is the history of three generations leading the distillery with passion, commitment and zest in order to introduce to us original, authentic, pure traditional spirits.

The distillery Christopoulos makes no compromises in the quality and the flavor of its products. It holds the highest standards in every step, using only the finest ingredients, keeping uncompromised the process of distillation and design cutting edge bottles to honor the family tradition.

The secrets of their recipes will always be kept within the family and will continue passing from generation to generation; although the quality ingredients they use are for everyone to know. They acquire the purest products as anise, fennel, star anise, coriander, licorice etc and they use the crystal running water of the mountain Taygetos that brings freshness and lighting up the senses. Furthermore, there is no addition of sweeteners and sugar in ouzo.

Now, let’s talk about the Tsipouro Christopoulos… a true, authentic traditional flavor without the addition of anise. It is produced from the hearts of the finest grapes and goes through a distillation process that stays honest to its origin. It’s a spirit of exceptional purity with balanced aroma and smooth taste.

No wonder they are the first choice of the connoisseurs and the spirit enthusiasts. The flavor of Christopoulos spirits is pure and holds the fragment of its birth land without synthetic additions and sweeteners; that way they also take care of us even the morning after as we are not hangover but sweetly reminiscing the night before.

Tip: You can visit us in our store in the historic center of Kalamata. In our “kingdom” you can taste authentic traditional spirits as ouzo, tsipouro, traditional liqueurs and brandy and you can question us about their history and ours.

Fact: We are certified with HASPP

Fact: Ouzo Christopoulos won the third award in Taste Olympic Awards 2016

Fact: The process we use for the water from Taygetos is deionization, turbidity filtration, desalination and dechlorination with activated carbon filter.