In A Few Words

When we call to mind the words ouzo, tsipouro, liqueur and brandy memories flow… aromas and tastes, happy faces, joyful gatherings and treats. We breathe in Greece, family, tradition and breathe out memories, old and fresh. Grandma and grandpa in the garden, dad in the tavern, and mum with her friends in the leaving room and us… in a restaurant, in a beach bar, in the sun, by the sea, one summer somewhere with are friends. .

And if we add in all of that the label Christopoulos, we know that we have enjoyed the best the Messinian land has to offer, locked in a bottle. A family tradition that started half a century ago and is still offering authentic flavors, the finest ingredients and secret recipes that bring joy even the day after!

The process is everywhere the same. The recipe, the ingredients, the mastery of the distiller and the generation… what is different is the how, the who, the quality of the ingredients, the love and the artistry. What is different is the history, the tradition, the commitment and the honesty.


Its history maybe lost through the centuries but ouzo was, is and always will be Greek. History, tradition and taste from Greece with the beginning of its production in the 19th century in Kalamata and Tirnavo.

The Ouzo Christopoulos doesn’t have synthetic additions and sweeteners. It doesn’t contain sugar. Its taste and flavor are authentic. Product of the finest ingredients (anise, fennel, star anise, coriander, licorice etc) and fresh crystal clear water from the mountain Taygetos.

Tip: You should serve it in short or thin glasses. Always pour it first in the glass and add afterwards water or/and ice cubes. It’s an aperitif (after all it holds the title of the most famous Greek aperitif) and loves the company of appetizers such as mollusks, salads, sauces, etc. And last, never and we mean NEVER put it the refrigerator.

Tip: Mix it with the exceptional orangeade Christopoulos and you will be tastefully surprised.


The traditional liqueurs Christopoulos were one of the first products of the distillery along with ouzo, in 1958. They taste sweeter, more complicate, more “formal” and more “mincing”. The liqueurs Christopoulos are local liqueurs with special flavor and originality.

If they had a gender it would have been female and if they had only one memory it would have been the “first kiss”. But they don’t have gender and they have many, many, many memories… from treats and festivities, from balconies and lounges, from parties and dates, from lazy afternoons and loud family dinners. They have memories from lively colors, intense aromas and sugary tastes.

Tip: Our favorites that you must try are: the liqueur “Diaforo” with the original name and the “explosive” taste, the liqueur “Mastiha” with the seductive aroma and a taste that creates smiles and the liqueur “Raki Kalamatas” with the unique mix of anise, mastic and orange that captivates from the first sip.


It is called the “King of Spirits” and definitely it tastes magnificent. Brandy is served in specific glasses and controlled temperature so we can enjoy all that it has to offer, every aroma and hidden flavor. It can be described like a man, proud, strong, aristocratic… and it has memories from cold nights by the fireplace, deals, celebrations and maturity, after all itself must mature before bottled.

According to the European law Greek Brandies with recognized designation of origin is the Attica’s Brandy, Peloponnese’s Brandy and Central Greece’s Brandy. In Christopoulos family it was always an inspiration, a verve and part of its tradition and history. Authentic, crystal clear and flowed with the aromas of the Messinian land it seduces the palate at every sip.

Tip: It is uniquely accompanied with bitter chocolate and mix well with other spirits. It also gives its supreme aroma when mix in deserts.


It’s been said that “you can drink it if only to feel the join magic of so many grapes who “sacrificed” for a glass of tsipouro”. With long history, that begins in Greece during 14th century in Mount Athos by monks (who used it as treat) and a ban for its sale for direct consumption until 1988 it seems like it has a lot of adventures. Since it’s “legitimacy”, it began freely to travel from its traditional places throughout Greece and to “conquer” more and more with its authentic flavor.

The family Christopoulos adopts tsipouro with the same love, consistency and dedication as its other spirits and made it part of its tradition. The combination of eclectic grape varieties and the tradition of distillation are creating an extra pure spirit with a balanced aroma and smooth flavor that makes it stand out.

Tsipouro Christopoulos has no synthetic additions and sweeteners and no anise. Its flavor is authentic, pure and “strong”. Tsipouro Christopoulos is produced in copper stills from eclectic varieties of grape that are chosen with great care.

It’s a product of grape distillation that is handled with great dedication in every step, from the selection of grapes to the process of bottling, in order to preserve the delicacy of its flavor.

Tip:It loves the company of appetizers such as meat, salads, sauces, etc. and the… cold. Drink it cold or with ice cubes.